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About Your Trainer – Sally Fitzgibbons

train like sally fitzgibbons

For some of you this is like an epic reunion, and I’ve loved sharing my journey with you. For others, we might’ve only just met so I’ll tell you a little about myself, because I’m stoked you’re here. I’m Sally Fitzgibbons and I’m a professional surfer, an absolute sports fanatic and lover of all things health and fitness.

I’ve been a professional athlete on the World Surf League for the last ten years. I’m so fortunate I get to travel the world competing in dreamy locations, mixing with new cultures and insightful people everywhere I go. But no matter what time zone or country I’m in, the one constant in my life is exercise. It’s certainly made for some postcard workout sessions, and my training gear is the first thing packed every time. Airport, car, comp site, hotel – fitness wear is everyday, all day!

Being an Aussie surfer, we’re born into a bikini. But let’s be honest, as you grow up and bodies change, it’s tough to always be positive about the way you feel walking across the sand! I’m here to tell you that I get it, you get it, everyone gets it, but how I’ve grown from those experiences is by learning that it’s as much about the mind as it is about the body. It’s not about weight or size or tan or shape. It’s about the vitality and happiness that comes from knowing you’re making the effort to give back to your body through exercise.

train like sally fitzgibbons
train like sally fitzgibbons

I played in national soccer and touch football sides, even won a few gold medals in middle distance at the Youth Olympics and tried everything else I could get Mum to drive me to. So I’ve been like a sponge over the last decade, absorbing all this knowledge and experience around training and movement and exercise from different coaches in so many different styles.

Movement is the reason for the smile on my face. It gets me out of bed every morning before sunrise and makes me feel energised and full of vitality to tackle the day. In my 27 years on this earth it’s been the greatest gift I’ve ever been given, there’s a huge amount of positivity that comes from it and I’ve built the Fitz and Fitz Power programs on the AABB app to share it all with you.

Trust me, that positivity is addictive! AABB addictive!

There’s also a bigger challenge at heart here. Bigger than you or I and what we set out for ourselves to tackle but if we take on this challenge together we can make a real difference. Childhood obesity is the scariest shadow over our future generations, and the craziest thing is it’s 100 percent preventable. Every workout we do together, we will be working out to help out. Not only will we feel great but it will also help inspire a whole generation of children to lead active and healthier lifestyles. You will earn Dream Dollars for every workout and these are used to give a young child a skipping rope.

Learn more about Dream Dollars.

Any goal, any fitness level, AABB is about free thinking health and fitness, and sharing it with the world.

Keep smiling,



train like sally fitzgibbons