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Body Food

train like sally fitzgibbons

Be flexible. Keep it simple.

That’s my approach to nutrition.

Being on the road for most of the year, I need to navigate through different culinary cultures, seasonal fruits and veg and the availability of fresh options.

A day on a plate for me looks like this:

I’ll have some fresh fruit or a delicious smoothie. Then around lunch I’ll enjoy a rainbow salad or even a bowl of chicken soup. It’s a brew with lots of chopped veggies, chicken and a basic stock. It sounds unusual but it’s delicious and I’ll make a massive batch at the start of the week to last. I snack on nuts and other types of fruit.

Dinner is usually made up of a huge serving of vegetables, and I’ll change things up at night with quality varieties of proteins like red meat, fish or chicken.

Here are some of my favourites for you to try.