Surfers: This is Your Training Too

train like sally fitzgibbons

Everyone’s body is unique, but surfing gives certain common attributes to us all. So if you’ve come to AABB as a surfer looking to improve your fitness in the ocean, paddle longer, surf harder or go bigger – you’re in the right place.

There are a couple of things which we need to specialise in as surfers; cardio endurance, core stability, balance and flexibility. These things are also the core ingredients for a functioning and strong body, whether you’re a surfer or not, and AABB has all the hacks.

The sweat pumping cardio workouts in FITZ will build that endurance you need to paddle all day long. Building strength through legs and quads with FITZ POWER will convert into buckets of spray flying off your turns and newfound speed in your manoeuvres. The mobility sessions and stretching will boost flexibility so, when you’re in those critical positions on a wave, you’re giving yourself the best chance of making riding out clean.

And if you’re a competitor, don’t underestimate the confidence that comes from knowing you and your body are in the best possible shape. Ask any champion – doing all the work in preparation will give you a real edge when you pull that jersey on for your heat.