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At AABB we think about exercise like oxygen – no one can live without it. That’s why we’re not just about personal goals but also about training for the next generation of kids. And we’re super into it. Every workout you complete will earn you Dream Dollars for FREE! The more you train, the more Dream Dollars you earn. The more Dream Dollars you earn the more kids AABB can inspire to LOVE fitness like you do.

If you’ve done a FITZ session, you’ll know all about training with a skipping rope and what an epic workout it is. AABB will be donating skipping ropes and nutritional educational information to kids from all around the world. The more you workout, the more kids we can get skipping and sharing the positivity of fitness.


Obesity is currently a higher cause of premature death than smoking. It’s a massive problem that is only getting worse with trends towards instant gratification in nutrition and fast scrolling thumbs replacing play time. If together, we can get the next generation excited about moving their bodies and making great nutritional choices, we can shape the future!