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Your AABB Scorecard

train like sally fitzgibbons

Every 6 weeks we’ll check in with the AABB Scorecard to gauge your ability in three key areas: strength, power and endurance. Keep an eye out for the Assessment workout in weeks 1, 6 and 12!

Aim to create a controlled environment that you can re-test in at the same time of day, well rested and well hydrated. Testing sore or fatigued muscles won’t give you an accurate indication of what you’re truly capable of, and the incredible progress you’ve made. You’ll be able to record your results at the end of each set, and your scorecard will be ready for you in your profile on the app once you’re done!


Your challenge is to perform as many pushups as you can in one minute. Aim to complete them all on your toes. Count your reps and record your score at the end – now you have a solid benchmark so that you can track your improvements!

train like sally fitzgibbons
train like sally fitzgibbons


Bench jumps are all about explosive power through your glutes, quads and core. The test here is to complete as many bench jumps as you can in one minute. Find a bench, step or box that you’ll be able to use again when we reassess. If you have any knee pain or injuries, or you’re not able to jump for the full minute, you can step up and down off the step. Count how many jumps you complete in one minute, you’ll be able to record them at the end.


The plank hold is an indication of core strength with stabilises your entire midsection, including your spine. Your timer will start at zero and count up as you hold your plank. Hold the plank for as long as possible, then stop the timer. Your time will automatically populate your result.

train like sally fitzgibbons